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I love using my log cabin not just as a summer cabin but as a winter cabin as well. Will it be fairly warm?

Log cabin vacation homes as well as residential log cabins are designed for all seasons and times of the year. Despite the fact that they are sometimes associated with summer as the common usage season, they are perfectly suited for use during colder months. There’s a reason why wooden cabins in the 21st century are still so common in rural areas where temperatures could be relatively lower than in big cities. No matter how far the building technologies have gone, they are still very common in building log cabins. But what gives them such popularity?

The response to that is quite plain. It is cool in the summer months and warm in the winter, thanks to the unique ability of timber to insulate. Research has demonstrated that log homes retain 40 percent more heat than blocks or bricks. That is one of the main reasons why so popular are residential log cabins. Log homes provide a breathable structure for you too.

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