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This is probably the first question that you should ask when you decide where to purchase a log cabin. It is very useful as the response helps to determine what to expect from such a cabin, how long it will last, and how soon it would need repairs or replacements.

We take this issue very seriously and one of our goals is our log cabin company that takes the quality of the logs that our cabins use. Not only do we do our best to ensure that the materials used are of the highest standard, but also our managers are always there to answer your inquiries about this or any other topic.

The unique log cabins that we offer our customers are made of wood known as Scandinavian Pine. Such logs are made from renewable materials, and come from Scandinavia’s coldest regions. This is a must for all log cabins and is the exact wood type that grows very slowly and is thick and fibrous. As a result, we have log cabins of high quality which are less prone to cracking, splitting and warping.

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