Top 5 Interesting Facts About Louis XIV

Best 5 Attention-grabbing Specifics About Louis XIV

5. Louis XIV was not very tall

Louis XIV was tiny in stature. And as evidenced in photographs, he would frequently dress in tall wigs and higher heels to incorporate to his top. In point, with the additional inches, he is mentioned to have appeared at least 7 ft tall.

4. Palace at Versailles

Louis XIV created a distaste for Paris soon after becoming compelled out of his palace through The Fronde. And he would eventually change his childhood enjoy spot, a royal hunting lodge situated just outside of Paris, into a lavish monument of opulence. Not only did the King and his courtroom reside in this 700 room palace, but so did the nobility and thousands of team that he wanted for repairs. This structure aided to even further build the king’s dominance as it was the center for all political activity and a symbol of ability.

3. Prolonged Reign

Significantly like his great grandson, Louis XIV was also pretty younger when he grew to become king right after his father’s loss of life. He would start his rule at 4 decades previous and continue for the up coming 72 a long time-creating his reign the longest in both of those French and European nation record.

2. The Nun of Moret

In accordance to virtually 350 12 months-old gossip, Queen Maria Theresa of Spain, spouse of King Louis XIV, gave beginning to a little one fathered by an African lover, a dwarf servant named Nabo. This child was supposedly Louise Marie Therese, the Black Nun of Moret. The story was that upon her delivery the public was informed the child had died at beginning. But she was basically secretly carried absent to stay with a wet nurse in the region for various many years just before moving into a convent in Moret. The Black Nun of Moret is mentioned in the memoirs of many associates of the French royal court docket, which includes King Louis’ mistress Madame De Montespan, as properly as his second spouse Madame De Maintenon. Author and thinker Voltaire was allegedly of the feeling she was the king’s daughter, as he’d had at least one particular African mistress. Pulitzer Prize-Profitable playwright Lynn Nottage also wrote a participate in about the Black Nun of Moret entitled Les Meninas.

1. His successor was France’s 2nd longest reigning king

Plagued with spouse and children tragedy in the direction of the finish of his existence, it appeared as if Louis XIV would have no heir to his thrown. His one and only son died of small pox. The extremely subsequent yr his grandson, excellent-grandson and granddaughter-in-regulation would die of the measles. Even though he did have two grandsons left, one particular would be killed in a looking accident and the other forced to renounce the French thrown so that he could remain ruler of Spain. As a final result of this string of misfortunes, Louis XIV asked for that just one of his illegitimate sons be heir to his throne really should the previous remaining member of his bloodline die out. Having said that, this was not to be-his sickly wonderful-grandson would dwell to grow to be king at the tender age of 5 years previous and would rule for 59 years as Louis XV.

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