Delivery information – free delivery in mainland UK!

We deliver everything from sheds and carports to home offices and log houses within Leinster area, free of charge. Save up to Є 700 on delivery fees when you buy from us!

Our delivery of products that are in stock usually takes 4-5 working days, and delivery of products that need to be shipped from our factory take between 10-12 weeks.

Delivery is carried out on working days and we will contact you in advance to make the arrangements.

Free delivery in Leinster area

We offer free delivery for all orders in Leinster! As our logistics centre and display village are based in Kildare, we can arrange delivery to all postcode areas in Leinster, free of charge.

Worldwide shipping

If you want delivery to other areas of the British Isles, or to anywhere else in the world, contact us. We can arrange worldwide delivery and will provide you with a quote.

Weatherproof packaging – flat pack cabins

Our timber products are stored and transported in the form of a flat pack. This means that they are secure, sealed, and weatherproof. The flat pack includes everything from construction materials, doors, and windows, to fixings. We will also include all of your additionally-ordered products in the flat pack or as a separate sealed package.

Flat pack packaging enables us to transport and store timber products safely and conveniently.

Specialist delivery

Please let us know if you require specialist delivery to a location that is hard to reach. If you fail to provide such information then the next best option is to unload your new product at the nearest main road boundary.

Specialist delivery requires an extra charge which we can quote if you contact us and provide the necessary details.

Specialist delivery is required to reach locations that our normal delivery vehicles cannot access due to road restrictions or other reasons. Our normal delivery vehicles require a space that is ten metres long and 4.5 metres wide, and the vehicle itself is 2.5 metres high.

If you are not sure whether or not you need a specialist delivery, make be sure to contact us in advance.

Unloading of the products

Our delivery service includes the unloading of your new timber product, free of charge! We will never ask you to help us with the unloading process and we ask no extra charge for it.

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