18,500.00 14,900.00

Two bed type D – 2 bedroom log cabin delivered and assembled.

  • FREE damp proof membrane
  • FREE steel roof upgrade (value of €1,100.00)
  • FREE 100mm floor and roof insulation (value of €1950.00)

(Free Delivery to Leinster. Outside Leinster Delivery is calculated at a rate of €1.10 per kilometer from our warehouse)

Wall thickness 70mm
Size 4.6m x 6m (14.8ft x 19.7ft)
Doors Premium living type doors
Windows Premium living type windows
Roof Steel roof tiles
Ridge height 3915mm
Wall height 2358mm
Floor bearers 50mm x 100mm
Floor & Roof Boards 19mm

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  • Product Price: 14,900.00
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The two-bed D log cabin is a two-bedroom residential log cabin budget range. It’s smaller than our “Two Bed Type A” but much like our “Two Bed Type B” cabin. The customers enjoy the open plan living and kitchen area with a large bathroom and two bedrooms in these log cabins. If you’re tight on space, size is a key in this log cabin layout. Therefore, Loghouse has high standards in residential log cabins, our two-bed D log cabin comes with insulated floors and 60 mm thick logs. We have suggested options for turning it into a living cabin all year round: enclosed roof, living style windows and doors featuring 24 mm argon gas filled double glazing and 5-point locking mechanism, steel roof tiles, damp roof and foundation proof membranes. For Knauf Natuboard 100 mm for 19 mm inner timber cladding, the log cabin can be insulated. This design makes walls 179 mm thick and winter very warm and summer cold. The benefit of such a design is that our walls are insulated from the inside to conceal all electrical wiring inside the walls and leave the log cabin looking really dry.

In house team. The price guide is € 65 per internal electrical point for all our electrical work. Priced on site is the main connection to the home.

Our contractors are responsible for all plumbing, ventilation, sanitation, water supply, kitchen and bathroom services. For more details, please contact us.

Price guide:

Plumbing €1,000 – €2,500
Heating €1,000 – €5,000
Sewage & water mains €1,500 – €3,000
Kitchen €1,000 – €5,000
Bathroom €1,500 – €5,000

All prices are subject to site survey and clients specification.


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