Log Cabin Extensions: Adding Value and Space to Your Home

Wood Finishing - How Can Stains Be Removed From Logs and Wood

[ad_1] Through and following construction logs can become stained from rain hitting the logs and leaving water places as very well as acquiring black stains build from drinking water hitting the nails, spikes or lag screws employed in building and leaving unattractive black stains on the logs and other wood. This can be very easily […]

The Role of Log Cabins in Sustainable Living and Eco-Tourism

My Wife Doesn't Want Logs in the Kitchen

[ad_1] Lots of of our prospects, immediately after giving the exterior of their property a cedar log make-around, want to continue on the log search and put in log siding inside of way too. The aesthetically obsessed have even put in log siding all over the residence, which includes the kitchen area and lavatory! While […]