The Best Quilting Pattern ForYour Needs

Quilting has enjoyed an incredible upsurge in popularity over the last couple of decades. This is a boon for the quilting enthusiast, because it has resulted in a huge number of patterns that are now available. Even a brief look around the internet or your local bookstore will prove to you that it’s a confusing world when it comes to buying a quilting pattern. The new quilter may well be wondering what kind of quilting pattern is best suited for her needs.

It’s interesting to ponder that, historically, our ancestors probably didn’t have as much use for the quilting pattern as we do. In Colonial and pioneer days, when quilting originated, quilts had a utilitarian function. Women pieced together quilt blocks from whatever scraps of clothing they could find, arranging the bits and pieces of cloth into a pleasing pattern. They shared ideas for their various patterns at quilting bees and other social gatherings. As so often happens, the pattern that started as a necessity is now a tradition. Blocks like Log Cabin and Lone Star and Bridal Wreath have been handed down for generations. At first, simple directions would have been scrawled on a scrap of paper, if at all-our ancestors might even have scoffed at the idea of following a pattern. Quilting fell out of favor for awhile, and any patterns that did exist would have been relegated to the attic.

But once quilting came into vogue again, a new generation discovered it and the new quilters were hungry for patterns. While many art and adventurous quilters take off on their own and refuse to follow a pattern, the contemporary quilter is more likely to want some directions. Thus many quilters search endlessly for the proper pattern.

The good news is that there are options aplenty. Free patterns abound on the internet, as do patterns for purchase. Individual patterns are available for various quilt blocks. If you know what quilt you want to make, it can be a good idea to purchase one of these, as it will have detailed directions on every aspect of the specific block. You’ll find step-by-step directions that cover every aspect of the pattern for your quilt. The pattern may also give you tips and techniques you wouldn’t otherwise know.

Another excellent source for patterns is to visit your library or the bookstore and peruse the quilting section, where you’ll see pattern book after pattern book. These books can be especially valuable if you haven’t yet decided on a certain quilt pattern. But be forewarned-browsing quilting books and viewing all the beautiful patterns can be quite addictive! These books will often also feature general directions for each pattern, with more instruction on quilting. If you already know the basics of quilting, spending the lesser amount of money for an individual pattern might be your best bet.

Don’t let the world of quilt patterns overwhelm you-with a little research, its easy to find the perfect pattern for your quilting needs, and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

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