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We make totally bespoke log cabins that can be used for literally any space you can think of, whether it be a garden room, garden office, entertaining space, children’s playroom, music studio, sewing room, reading room etc…

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About Premium Log House

We Produce Ecological
Elite Log Cabins

We pride ourselves on our innovative, high quality Irish log cabins for sale. From small sizes perfect for usage as secure sheds or playhouses, to expansive, partitioned garden buildings, our range encompasses a huge variety of products. We also supply stylish garden summer houses, workshops, and garden rooms.

Within our selection of Ireland log cabins for sale, we’re confident you’ll find your dream garden building. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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Premium Log House

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Our aim is to create beautiful, individual and inspiring log buildings, both traditional
and contemporary. To create designs that are sympathetic to and in keeping with their
natural surroundings, while utilising cutting edge sustainable technologies and methods.

Quality Assured

Premium quality materials and craftsmanship and certified timber.

Building Regulations

All residential and commercial buildings can be built to comply with Building Regulations specification.

Low Prices

We love giving customers the lowest prices possible. If you find a lower price that includes delivery charges, we will do our best to 'beat it' with our price match.

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Energetic efficiency

Wooden houses are the best choice for all who want a natural, economic and ecological home.

No Hidden Extras

Comprehensive quote for your building so you know exactly what the price will be with no hidden extras.

Personal Service

We provide informed support to our valued customers throughout the duration of entire project assistance with planning and all aspects of design and construction.

Stages of Our Work

We select the most high-quality wood materials, which have a very
long life in any climatic conditions

Project development
Laying the foundation
Assembly of log house
Exterior finish
Interior finish

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Log Cabins Ireland

Stay all year round in the cabin. Our wooden multi-room log homes are all built as homes with bedrooms, seating areas, kitchen areas and bathrooms, etc. We can sell you single-story wooden log homes or twin Skin fully enclosed residential log cabins, depending on your tastes and requirements. There are also wooden lodges with a mezzanine level, both modern and very functional. We offer fully independent twin-skin models for those who want to use the cabin as a permanent living space every season. Twin Skin means that the frame is lined with double walls and has a distance between them (usually 50 mm thick). The floors and the roof are also completely separated. These structures are fitted with unique windows and doors, which have isolation characteristics. All this keeps the house warm inside, regardless of the outside temperature.

Log homes

Special doors and windows. We’re proud of our windows and doors because we make it by ourselves unlike other log cabin manufacturers. We used to buy windows and doors from other manufacturers 15 years ago, but we just weren’t pleased with the price. Finally, we set up our own factory to manufacture quality windows and doors. Our windows and doors are highly moisture resistant thanks to GlueLam technology. They open and close thus firmly regardless of the outside moisture level. In addition, Tilt & Turn is mandatory for all residential log cabins in Ireland with double-glazed doors and windows.

Full service of installation open. If you need it, we’ll create the base, assemble the cabin, insulate it, install steam, gutter and plumbing and finally paint the cabin white. We partner with highly trained experts to ensure that you are happy with the final result. We do our best to provide you with all the service and equipment you will need in your cabin, so let us know if you need anything not mentioned here (i.e. windows in rooflight style, special paint etc.), we will arrange that.

Expand the carport or garage layout. Unless you intend to make permanent use of the house, consider building a wooden garage. This keeps the car cool and stops it from being too cold in winter and too warm in summer.

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Log cabins for Sale

Funding secure. At the request of many of our customers, we now have a financing choice for many of our log cabins for sale together with partners. The minimum deposit is only 20% and we provide financing options for 12, 18 or 36 months. Our affiliate lending company offers funding at competitive interest rates to many online e-shops. Application takes just a couple of minutes to complete and a confirmation email is immediately sent. There was never a better chance to get the log house you dreamed of at the time! Please feel free to contact us for more details.

There are a range of log cabins for sale to match any requirement for garden or house, ranging from traditional log cabins and corner log cabins to log cabin garages and office log cabins. Modern log cabins and corner log cabins are an ideal alternative to a conservatory, providing additional space for quiet relaxation and summer parties. The log cab garages give your garage a rugged, rustic and warming look, as well as a great place for hobbying or storing all your bicycles and equipment. Home offices are growing and a log cabin can also create an excellent working atmosphere in your backyard.

The additional benefits of a home office log cabin include leasing, transportation and other expenses reductions while adding a green dimension to your company and a convenient place to operate outside your house.

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