Residential Log Cabins

From summer houses to camping cabins and residential houses, the traditional log cabin is one of the most popular building types in the world.

The major difference between the log cabins of yesteryear and the log cabins of today is the fact that now you can order one yourself online, have it delivered in a matter of weeks, and install it yourself.

Have a look at our log cabin models below, choose your favourite and place your order today!

What is included in the price of our installation service?

The installation service covers the assembly of the cabin, mounting floorboards, roof boards, doors and windows, and other details that you ordered with your new cabin on our website. The base price of the installation service does not include the construction of a foundation (please contact us separately to get a quote for foundation construction) and does not include the installation of materials and details you have bought elsewhere.

Completion of additional works

If you’d like the installation crew to do additional works, for example, complete the foundation or install details and materials bought elsewhere, they will quote you an additional price. Don’t hesitate to ask for extra services like guttering, plumbing, electrical work, or other related works that can be done at a great price.

Pay only 20 % of the installation fee when placing the order

We provide a chance to place a down payment of 20 % which is calculated from the total sum of your shopping cart (including the installation service). Please note that the remaining balance needs to be paid not less than 2 days before the scheduled delivery.

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