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Bangkok Practical experience Through A 16 Hour Layover


Traveling up the Gulf of Siam in a Boeing 727 at 37,000 toes we were in and out of the cloud tops and experiencing moderate turbulence at times. With the 727s substantial wing loading we couldn’t request a increased amount mainly because we have been currently rather close to “coffin corner”. That’s the major area on the functionality chart wherever the two lines converge to exhibit a quite tiny margin in between the minimal and superior speed buffet boundaries. Aircraft with substantial wing regions these kinds of as the Boeing 777 can comfortably climb straight to 41,000 feet and fly above most of the weather on quick to medium sectors.

Off the coastline of Cambodia, 1 of the youthful stewardesses came into the cockpit visibly upset by the rough trip we were being obtaining. It was her first solo flight just after completing her schooling. The seat belt indicator was on and cabin assistance experienced been suspended. We smiled and asked her politely to get rid of the meals trays, so we wouldn’t have steel projectiles in the kind of knives and forks flying all-around the cockpit, then to arrive back and sit in a person of the observer seats and maintain us corporation for the relaxation of the flight. We swiftly managed to restore some of her self confidence but additional that traveling in tough weather occasionally was portion of the job she had picked and that she experienced greater get utilized to it.

I was going to give her the universally held definition of flying that is, hrs and hrs of sheer boredom interspersed with times of sheer terror, but I believed far better of it. Alternatively I gave her the definition of a pilot to divert her interest absent from the lightning flashes.

“The normal pilot, despite the occasionally swaggering exterior, is quite substantially capable of these kinds of inner thoughts as really like, passion, intimacy and caring. These emotions just never include anybody else.” She started laughing right up until tears rolled down her cheeks. I swiftly added that the definition did not apply to the three of us, who were overflowing with compassion, passion, and caring for many others.

Approaching Rayong we copied the ATIS (automated terminal information and facts provider), briefed the method, and requested for descent clearance. We have been radar vectored in a wide arc and we were variety 9 in landing sequence. Finally we had been cleared for an ILS (instrument landing technique) strategy to runway 21R at Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport. At the remaining method take care of we were being handed off to the tower for landing clearance. A trainee air targeted visitors controller requested us to preserve 1,500 ft which was contradictory to the strategy clearance we were being flying. When we have been around the runway threshold, nonetheless at 1,500 ft, she cleared us to land. That is asking a little bit a lot of any pilot of a massive plane, inspite of the 13,000 ft runway. I suppose with the tension of hoping to tackle so significantly inbound traffic, she simply just forgot about us. In any case, it meant adhering to the posted missed technique procedure. Acknowledging our plight she had us handed again to technique manage who gave us radar vectors to the back again of a lengthy queue for a different technique. It was 6.30 pm with aircraft converging from several factors of the globe.

We eventually landed after 11 other aircraft. It was not vital, just a minimal inconvenient, as we experienced a good deal of gas. As we ended up leaving the runway, a trainee stewardess arrived as a result of the cockpit door bearing a silver tray on which have been placed a few crystal glasses containing champagne and brandy – this was called a “reverse thrust”. Typically this form gesture would be handed out at the gate, if at all, and not when taxying to the gate. She returned a number of minutes later on and stuffed 3 chilly lagers into everybody’s flight scenario for the “fourth sector”. No objections below! The agenda involved traveling a few sectors terminating in Bangkok. The vacation into central Bangkok in the employ car or truck was called the “fourth sector” simply because at that time of the day it could choose almost as prolonged to get to the hotel as it did to fly up from Singapore. The flyover experienced not yet been created.

As I experienced a flight into Bangkok about every 14 times, I bought into a schedule for my 16 hour layovers. On arrival at the hotel I showered, changed into relaxed garments, then hailed a tuk tuk (motorized samlor) to consider me to the Oriental Lodge on the Chao Phraya river. I would unwind with a single, or potentially two, cocktails in the Bamboo Bar listening to jazz whilst soaking up the ambiance of this excellent watering hole. Afterwhich I would wander up Charoen Krung street to “the Wall” cafe which was partly concealed down a small soi (lane) off Suriwongse street.

This cafe was abnormal for two good reasons. Firstly, in the evenings there was often a log fireplace burning in the fireplace. Outside the temperature was 30+ levels Celsius, but inside it experienced been cooled down to a chilly 18 degrees. Requests for tables by the fireplace were being common. I generally managed to get a single due to the fact I was a typical who arrived immediately after 9.00 pm. The put was extremely darkish and the only illumination came from candles which were positioned on each table as nicely as the glow from the log fireplace. The menu evidently indicated that the proprietor was Swiss. The food items was pretty good and not at all high-priced.

The 2nd unconventional element was that there was an additional menu on the table showcasing a huge collection of tunes. Each individual evening, other than Tuesdays, a major white-haired Frenchman sat at a table grand piano and performed nearly anything that the diners ordered from Rachmaninov to Blues and every little thing in among. He was a likeable character and incredibly functional as a pianist.

Following evening meal I would get a taxi up to the bar region centered all-around Patpong, and shell out two or a few very enjoyable several hours in the “Other Office environment” or “Lucy’s Tiger Den” imbibing the nearby beer and chatting to some attention-grabbing characters, or listening to the exploits of a group of Air Eire pilots who experienced been involved in the mystery war in Laos, and ended up now resident in Bangkok. In these two bars the women did not problem patrons, but ended up readily available if you needed them. Often I would end up the evening with a massage to loosen up a small ahead of going for walks back to the resort. On Friday and Saturday nights the bars stayed open until eventually 1.00 am which designed it just that minor little bit more challenging to go to get the job done the upcoming day. Nevertheless, with an 11.00 am departure time it was however pretty lawful and perfectly exterior the “8 hrs bottle to throttle” rule. The following day was an simple one sector day of just beneath two hrs flying.

Of all my South East Asian layovers I liked Bangkok the best. The girls were being helpful, the foodstuff and beer was low-cost, and there were being a good deal of fascinating and marginally eccentric people to communicate to. My only regret was that we noticed Bangkok by evening and failed to have the chance to get out on the river or do any of a myriad of other appealing factors in the daylight. The form of things that make up true Thai existence!


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