Kitchen Window Curtains

Kitchen Window Curtains

Until this juncture, Country Porch manufactures kitchen window curtains of high- grade quality. Established in the fall of 1998, the company never ceases to excel in producing the style of classic yellow farmhouse which originated in the 1890’s. A proof to that is the location of their facility which is nestled in the Coeur d’ Alene Mountains, Idaho, a perfect venue for a home- weaved country decoration.

Aside from creating kitchen window curtains, Country Porch also manufactures items such as aprons, quilts, valances, blankets, swags, rugs, linens and a whole lot more. In such manner, consumers need not go to other stores just to scout for the perfect match. Well, yes, pieces need not exactly complement with each other albeit, when you are referring to a fulltime housewife, she will do all the means in order for her family’s abode to appear satisfying as ever.

Kitchen window curtains from Country Porch come in diverse flairs such as Americana, log cabin, vintage, retro, plaids, patriotic, checks, toile, primitive, lodge, romantic cottage and European. The company has also been venturing out into novel designs that are now featured in daily in their shops. Transforming your dwelling is a delight for them so make your way to their showrooms and obtain a lovely make- over.

York is a pattern which maybe conventional but is still a major favorite. It comes in large checks of green color over a brown shade.

Veranda is a pattern which is synonymous to Sandra Bullock’s Miss Congeniality. Due to its powder blue hues, one can not help but fall for the warmth it exudes. Butter yellow, white plaid and sage green are also mixed.

Saffron is a pattern which will always be admired by people who are into outdoor adventures. Its rustic terracotta will not fail to remind you of the large tree trunks you meet on your way up to the summit of a mountain.

Pinecone is a pattern which best exemplifies, simple yet elegant. With a Jacquard motif, it is all the more enhanced in colors of tan, moss and brick.

Gazebo is a pattern which is ideal to be adorned on glass screens on a summer season. Very light for the eyes, it reflects hues that are light and bright as it is sated with butter yellow, celery and sky blue.

Cajun is a pattern which is inspired by the Mexican culture. Also great to be used for dining table, it will make you remember of spicy Tabasco sauce to enhance the hot taste of quesadillas.

Visit Country Porch’s website at to take a better view of their kitchen window curtains. You also can drop them a call at 866-664-9182 or send a fax at 208-665-1567.

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