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Mice: 5 Ways to Lessen Your Kitchen’s Attraction Factor


Mice. They are going to eat you out of residence and property, or at the pretty minimum depart their small offerings (yes, of poop!) so that you can not try to eat your foodstuff anyway for fear of parasitic infection or worse. They are adorable, but the prospective damage they can result in is far from it.

So how do you make your residence a lot less desirable to the smallest of rodents? Prevention is crucial. You want to reduce the mice from finding in your property in the initial place. But how? The trick is realizing what is actually on a mouse’s property looking checklist:

  • warm
  • dry
  • in close proximity to a drinking water resource
  • safe from cats, rats, weasels and ratter puppies
  • heaps of cracks and crevices in which to scurry, conceal and vacation from home to area with no remaining witnessed
  • and past but not least, an abundant food stuff provide

In simple fact, it can be this previous one that will make or break your endeavours to hold the mouse populace at bay in a rural household.

I consider the complete time I lived in the city (20 additionally years), I consider we experienced mice perhaps when. Then there was the old property that had rats in the walls… but that is one more tale. All round, it was not an ongoing trouble. So when we moved to our little homestead in the forest, I had no notion what I was in for. None. So naive, so, so naive…

It started gradually. We moved in in April, so the weather conditions was warming and the mice had been going exterior anyway. But the house had been vacant for quite some time before we commenced our renovations. Then it was a different 6 months of us just becoming there all through the working day, painting and refinishing flooring. And it’s a log cabin, with tons of very little cracks and strategies for mice to get within. So essentially, it was their home. Time period.

That slide was when it hit me square concerning the eyes – we were sharing our household with a mama mouse and her babies. Which seems form of cute until eventually you uncover their poop all over your kitchen counter (gross, gross, gross!). And they nibble significant holes out of your expensive natural avocados, rendering them inedible for fear of some awful rodent-spewed epidemic. The weirdest issue they ever ate was a jalapeno pepper. A jalapeno pepper!!! I are not able to even take in a full jalapeno… Nuts.

So I acquired swiftly that there are a couple of items that will lessen the attractiveness of your kitchen to your minimal 4-legged friends. Right here are a five to get you started out:

  1. Check out your cabinets (even the higher types) for any holes that could make it possible for a mouse to get within. I’m conversing the sizing of a dime and at times fewer, depending on the measurement of the mouse. If you discover a gap or crack, fill it with a bit of metal wool or caulking, or seal it up with some form of appealing trim.
  2. Place all grains, flour and other staples into glass jars or canisters, sealed limited (certainly, even if they are in the sealed cupboards – you just by no means know).
  3. Area any food stuff still left out on the counter in sealed containers, and all fruit in a steel mesh bowl with a lid. At the really the very least wrap fruit in thick develop storage bags so the smell is not going to emanate (at least not so strongly). Caveat: I’ve experienced mice chew proper via people luggage to get to a ripe banana. Not mouse-proof, but mouse-resistant.
  4. Make confident all your dishes are washed before you go to bed, or at the very minimum rinsed effectively. Any meals left on dishes is gourmand to a mouse. Yummy! Also be absolutely sure to wipe down the counters with a vinegar/water answer (1 portion vinegar to 4 areas h2o should really do it) or your favourite kitchen area counter cleaner. Any smell of food will lure them in like ribs grilling at a tailgate bash.
  5. Vacuum and sweep – a whole lot! If you have acquired youngsters (or a messy partner), test their seats and the flooring for crumbs after meals. Ideally soon after they get up. These little bits of food you see on the floor? They could feed a full mouse family members. And keep them coming again for much more. For-ev-er.

If you put these five fixes into action, it should lower the attractants in your household for the mice, and they may go on. Of study course, I’m kidding. They’re going to by no means actually move on. Except you get a cat. Even then they will in all probability just tease the cat. But at minimum they’re going to eventually stop pooping on the counter.


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